Here are some examples of when Sedgwick County will require a well permit by the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department:

  • The pump goes out on the well. This will require a permit because the work requires entry into the casing.
  • The well needs to be treated to stimulate production. This will require a permit.
  • The well has been drilled and construction is complete. Now the water lines need to be run to the house. This will not require a permit because the permit for the well has already been issued prior to construction.
  • There is an abandoned water well on your property. Our code and state law require all abandoned water wells to be plugged. This will require a permit.
  • When selling a home, you must have any wells inspected to transfer ownership.

If you are unsure if a permit is required, contact MABCD prior to commencing the work at 316-660-1840.